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Dulce Throw Rug

Dulce Throw Rug


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The Dulce Throw Rug is a bright and colorful addition to your collection. Bold stripes are ready to add some fun to your space.

Dimensions: 2x3.5 ft. 
Materials: 100% sheep's wool, Hand-dyed in Oaxaca with natural and native resources.

Hand made: Our rugs are woven by hand using traditional treadle looms.

100% Wool: Wool is sourced in Mexico, local to the artisans.  All dyes are made from natural ingredients

Socially Responsible: Our rugs are direct trade. We work directly with the women who make the items. We also carbon offset our shipping.

Your purchase supports the female artisans who create these rugs!

Please Note:

These are handmade rugs. That means it is possible that the product will have slight variations in color compared to what is pictured. See more on the FAQ page.


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