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Our Story

HI! My name is Francesca and I am half of Casa Bríxe (BREE-hey) along side my husband John. We are husband and wife team based in San Diego, California. Being Mexican, I have always been passionate about sharing the art and culture of Mexico in a true and ethical way. Mexico has so much beauty to offer and I have always wanted to share this rich and diverse culture with the rest of the world. We started Casa Brixe in order to work directly with artisans and socially responsible collectives to bring you high-quality, small-batch textiles made using time-honored techniques. 

Every purchase we make is an opportunity to make a declaration about who and what we support. We at Casa Bríxe support authenticity. In sharing the culture of Mexico, we want to make sure you get the real thing, not an imitation made in another country. Buying imitation goods is a missed opportunity to support the people who keep these traditions alive. You shouldn't have to compromise what you believe in, even when decorating your home.

We promise that everything we offer is made by the real people, the real way. We promise you will receive an authentic piece of Mexican artisan tradition and that  you'll know exactly where it came from. We hope you will be as excited as we are to share this story and become a part of our journey!

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