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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are You?

A proud Mexican woman and her American husband. This is a passion-driven project to share the beauty and diversity of Mexico's craft and art traditions.

What does Casa Brixe mean and how do you pronounce it? 

Brixe is pronounced "Bree-Hey". The word Brixe in our name comes from the word "Alebrije" which are Mexican folk art sculptures of mythical creatures that are brightly colored. We loved the idea of using this word in our name since Alebrijes are beautiful art pieces that gained notoriety in Oaxaca (where our first rug collection is from). The Alebrije is the perfect representation of the strong unique beauty and art that originates out of Mexico. 

The color of my rug is slightly different than the picture, is that normal?

Our rugs are handmade with local resources. The wool and dye are sourced mere miles away from where the rugs are made and are subject to availability. Depending on the time of year, the finished product may look slightly different because of it. Although we do our best to make sure our rugs are consistent between runs, there is a small chance that there might be slight color variations. This is the nature of handmade, artisan goods!

Do you use synthetic or toxic dyes?

No. Never. All rugs are dyed with natural ingredients derived from plants such as indigo, fruits, such as pomegranate and lemon, walnut shells, barks, minerals etc. The dye is minimally processed and hand applied to the washed wool yarn before being woven on the looms.

What is your return policy?

We do free returns within 14 days of purchase. All items need to be in new condition, unwashed, and in original packaging for a full refund. Please email us directly at and we will be happy to send you a return label! If you’re unable to print a label at home, or would like to arrange for a contact-free pickup in light of COVID-19, please contact 

Where do your products come from?

Our rugs are all hand woven individually in a small town called Teotitlan Del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico. See Artisan Spotlight to learn more. 

How do you give back to the artisans you work with?

The cooperatives we work with set their own pricing as to what they deem a fair wage for their beautiful work. We pay them what they ask for and not a penny less. We work with artisans who keep these time honored techniques alive by working in their homes and neighborhoods, not dangerous factories with terrible working conditions. In addition to this, 5% of our profits will be donated back to the villages with whom we work to help fund their community driven projects that help advance their community. Their latest project has been to start a recycling program in their village.  Another project is collecting donations to create food / supply baskets to pass out to the least fortunate families in the village to give much needed supplies.

Currently we are working with the collective by investing in their autonomy and independent, locally-based business. When we came to them to discuss how they would like to use our contribution, they expressed a desire to improve their packaging materials used when they sell their rugs locally. Stay tuned for pictures and updates!

Shipping Information

We do not ship on Sundays or National holidays. Please note that any order placed on Saturday or after 1 pm on weekdays will not ship until next business day. Orders cannot be shipped to PO Boxes. 

We do not currently offer any overnight shipping services. 

Do you ship internationally?


Rug Care

We made sure our rugs would be super durable and of the best quality. Some basic rug care is needed to ensure it lasts you a long time. 

  • When Vacuuming, make sure to use low setting. 
  • Keep out of sun to avoid color fading
  • If you happen to spill anything or stain your rug, make sure to take to the dry cleaner. Using stain products at home could damage it. 
  • Keep away from moisture. 

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