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Vida Nueva Cooperative

This women's cooperative is located in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. Teotitlan is known for its weaving skill throughout history but it is only recently that women have taken up weaving. This cooperative was founded 20 years ago by Pastora Gutierrez and a group of women in the same extended family. Some were widows, some were left by their husbands who never returned from their migrant work in the United States, all needed an opportunity. 
They developed their business skills, leaving Teotitlan Del Valle, hitting the streets of Oaxaca City and selling their crafts. They have developed their group into a full-fledged cooperative with 114 members who now gives back to their community in Teotitlan by creating social programs for the education of women, recycling programs for their village, and more. 
We are proud to work with Vida Nueva and fully support their vision of giving women agency and education through the power of art and craft.



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